ACE Registration - Frequently Asked Questions

All information is correct at time of publishing.

What is the Cost?

The Base Membership Cost for 2020 is $330.00.  Coaches are offered a rebate of $100 for volunteering to coach a team in the coming season. See Coach's Rebate Page for further information

When does registration and payment need to be made?

Netball Queensland have made it mandatory for all clubs and associations to use the MyNetball website for registration. Payment is required at the time of registration. No player will be allowed to participate in grading without completing the registration and full payment being received.  Registrations open 15 January 2020 and close 2 February 2020.

Who do I make payment to?

Payment is made via credit card at the time of registering via the MyNetball website. 

How do I register in person?

Come along to our Registration Sign-on day on the 1 February 2020 at the ACE Clubhouse which is located in the South Pine Sports Complex, South Pine Road, Brendale.

When are games played?

At the time of writing (26 November 2019), 2020 matches for all divisions (except Open Divisions 1,2 and 3 and Inters 1) will once again be played on Saturdays and generally teams train on a week night that suits both coaches and parents. For the 2020 Winter season Pine Rivers Netball Association (PRNA) have elected to continue to run Div 1,2 ,3 and Inters 1 games on a Monday evening. 

What time are the games?

These will be decided by PRNA next year but normally the first round of the day is at 8.00 am

What ages are eligible?

Modified Age groups cover those born in 2010 - 2013, 7/8/9/10. Ages are determined by the age year they are turning in 2020.  Children aged 5 and 6 are offered Net-Set-Go which is an 8 week introduction to netball and skills building program organised by PRNA. Details will be made available as we become aware of them. 

What is my MyNetball number?

This is a unique identifer that is given by Netball Queensland to all registered players. It helps in the administration of the registration process and should be to register the player. New players to Netball will be allocated a number when they register with ACE Netball Club. Players transferring from another club may already have an MyNetball number allocated. The registrar will be able to advise your number in this case.

If you have played in the last three years, your MyNetball number has been allocated and is available on request from the Club Registrar. When logging in to the MyNetball system, your email address will be linked to your login ID and should be able to be used for registration. 

What are the uniform Requirements?

The ACE Netball dress is the only compulsory item which must be worn. ACE or plain black bike pants, socks and visor are optional extras. These can be purchased through the online shop or at the canteen on sign on day or Thursdays at training.

I have more questions about registration

Please contact the ACE registrar Hayley via email on