ACE Volunteer Pass

Volunteer Pass - now Coach's Rebate

ACE Netball Club has elected not to use the Volunteer Pass scheme for the 2016 season and onwards. As such this is not part of the fee structure and members will not be requested to pay this at registration. 

The primary reason for this is that over the last 3 years, ACE has seen over $40k in unclaimed fees underpin the financial operation of the club. At the same time we have seen a culture develop of the pass being a reason for ACE member families to walk away from providing the support we still need to run the club successfully. This was not the intention of the pass and the club is deemed to be weaker in terms of integration since it was introduced. 

Instead a percentage of the pass is now to be levied as part of the overall fees. 

The concession the members voted for at the AGM was to offer a $100 rebate to members who contribute to ACE by taking a coaching role. This is being granted both to encourage members to take up the role of coaching, as well as to allow the club to recognise the significant contribution coaches make to the successful running of the club.

Both the fees and the coaches rebate were proposed and voted for by the majority of members who attended the ACE AGM in November 2015 and will continue to be used in the 2020 season.