Umpire of the Year

The ACE Umpire of the Year will be selected annually by the Umpire Convenor and Senior Mentor and will be awarded to an umpire that stands out not only in their umpiring but also mentors our up and coming umpires. This person will have shown outstanding commitment and achievement through out the season. The umpire will have moved successfully through the ACE Umpire pathways and has at all times presented a positive image while being a role model to others.

Alexis Donovan - 2023

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Senior Rep Carnival- Twilight
(15, 16, 18yrs only)
ACE Family Club Carnival 2024
RNA Senior Representative Carnival:
17 March 2024 (Representative and Development players aged 15-18 years)
PRNA - Working Bee
Umpire Convenor Meeting
- Introduction Umpiring Course
- Individual Umpire Plans
- Mentoring
- Allocating
- Club coaches' responsibilities
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