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Selecting a Division for your Player

If you are requested to select a Division for your player - never fear, we have got you! 

This is merely a background Admin tool for Clubs such as ours to be able to move players into their respective teams once grading has occurred.  You are NOT going to choose the wrong one, the following can be used as a guide ONLY;

J4A - JD4 - This is generally for the U11's age group 
J3A - J3D - This is generally for the U12's age group
J2A - J2D - This is generally for the U13's age group
J1A - J1D - This is generally for the U14's age group
Inters - This is generally for the U15 - U17's age group
Cadets - This is generally for the Higher Level Inters age group
Seniors - Over 17's to our MOST experienced of veterans :-) 

Do you have Netball Connect?

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Seelcting a Division Group in Netball Connect

There has been some confusion in terms of selecting a "Registration Group" during the Sign Up in Netball Connect.
We are so sorry for the confusion. 🤓
Hoping this might assist and clear things up.
This does NOT replace our player grading (for the Juniors/Inters age groups), it will simply streamline the process of allocating to teams later down the track in Netball Connect.

If your child was in for eg.
J2A for 2023 please select J1A for 2024
J4A for 2023 please select J3A for 2024
If Modified 8 in 2023 please choose Modified 9 for 2024
(If known simply have a guess, you aren't doing anything wrong) 😅

If in the seniors teams please choose the same again or select a Seniors division.

Again, this is not your team selection merely an admin process for behind the scenes to assist in the set up later on.

As always here if you need us to answer any questions - secretary.acenetball@gmail.com
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Skills and Development

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- Individual Umpire Plans
- Mentoring
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