ACE President's Welcome

Welcome to 2021 from the ACE Netball Club!

There is a renewed sense of excitement in the club for 2021, with the installation of our new lights, ready to begin use at the commencement of our Winter Season.  We welcome some new faces to our ranks as well as welcoming back some valued committee members, players and supporters to the club.

Last year we will fielded  12 modified teams (including another cohort of our eager 7 years olds), 18 junior teams and 9 senior teams.  Given the difficult circumstances that 2020 brought us, this was an outstanding representation by the club.  This makes ACE Netball Club one of the largest netball clubs across Brisbane.  For this club to continue to perform like the well-oiled machine that it has become, we must thank our fantastic band of volunteers who continue to make our club a safe and fun place to be.  Remember, that we are always looking for enthusiastic people to become involved in our club, wherever possible.

I will direct you to some key documents for the year to come:

-          Players and Parents Code of Conduct

-          Grading Policy

-          Important Dates

This year we will aim to run multiple fundraising events and implore all members to become involved to ensure financial viability and stability of the club, continuing for years to come.

I would like to welcome back our wonderful sponsors, which can all be found on the website, and encourage our ACE Netball Community to support those local businesses that support us.

The name of the game for ACE Netball Club is to provide the players with a safe, enjoyable and confidence building environment where they can learn both new playing skills but also life skills that will continue with them forever.  Sport gifts players with team-mates, a sense of belonging and a feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself.  I only hope that your children and you can find this from ACE Netball Club like myself and so many others already do.

Thank you to all for the ongoing support from past and returning members, and again welcome to those new members that join us this year.  I look forward to catching up with as many of you as I can over the season.