ACE President's Welcome

Welcome to 2022 from the ACE Netball Club!

I would like to extend the warmest of welcomes to our Ace Members, both new and old, and wish you all a fantastic season of netball!  ACE is a family club and despite the fact we are one of the largest clubs in Brisbane,  we are proud of the level of inclusivity we have achieved and the club pride that has been fostered over the years.  2022 is shaping to be another crazy year as we ride the ever changing Covid tsunami, however I firmly believe the ACE Club spirit our members have will hold us in good stead to ride the waves.  

For ACE to continue to perform and grow, we must thank our fantastic band of volunteers who continue to make our club a safe and fun place to be.  Whether on the Exec, Coaching, Managing or generally helping out, these volunteers are the backbone of our Club and we would be lost without them.  I thank each and every one of our Volunteers and am truly grateful for all you do for ACE.  Remember, that we are always looking for enthusiastic people to become involved in our club, wherever possible.

I will direct you to some key documents for the year to come.  Please take the time to read thru these:

-          Players and Parents Code of Conduct

-          Grading Policy

-          Important Dates

This year we will celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the opening of our Clubhouse.  ACE are so very fortunate to have 8 courts and a fully functioning clubhouse.  At this stage I would like to acknowledge the land on which ACE Netball Club was built  and the traditional Turrbal owners of the land.

I would like to welcome back our wonderful sponsors, which can all be found on the website, and encourage our ACE Netball Community to support those local businesses that support us.

ACE Netball Club has always strived to provide our  players with a safe, enjoyable and confidence building environment where they can learn not only new playing skills but also life skills that will stick with them forever.  Sport gifts players with team-mates, a sense of belonging and a feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself.  I only hope that your children and you can find this from ACE Netball Club like myself and so many others already do.

Thank you to all for the ongoing support and thank you especially for the support I have already received and for your encouragement and vote of confidence for the coming year.  I really appreciate it and will do my very best to lead ACE into a wonderful year of netball!

Yours in Netball