ACE President's Welcome

Welcome to ACE Netball 2023 - Our 60th Year

I would like to extend a warm welcome to our ACE Family members – new and returning – to what is going to be a fantastic and huge year – our 60th year.

Back in 1963 the Albany Creek Excelsior Sports Club was founded and under this ACE Netball Club was formed.  What started as a small group of ladies playing at Downey Park has evolved into one of the largest clubs in Brisbane, and for this we must thank the many volunteers, especially in the early days, who through their literal blood sweat and tears built the club into what it is today.  From 1963 we have had so many people give an incredible amount of time and effort, moving from Wolter Park to a shipping container at our grounds in Brendale, and then into the clubhouse we have today.  We should be extremely proud of our history and what we have achieved over the years and wear our uniform with pride as we represent ACE Netball Club.  The ACE spirit and family feel for such a large club is next to none and I am honoured to lead ACE into our 60th year.

For ACE to continue to perform and grow, we must thank our fantastic band of volunteers who continue to make our club a safe and fun place to be.  Whether on the Exec, Coaching, Managing or generally helping out, these volunteers are the backbone of our Club and we would be lost without them.  I thank each and every one of our Volunteers and am truly grateful for all you do for ACE.  Remember, that we are always looking for enthusiastic people to become involved in our club, wherever possible and especially in this our 60th year.



I will direct you to some key documents for the year to come.  Please take the time to read thru these:

-          Players and Parents Code of Conduct

-          Grading Policy

-          Important Dates


I would like to welcome back our wonderful sponsors, which can all be found on the website, and encourage our ACE Netball Community to support those local businesses that support us.


ACE Netball Club has always strived to provide our players with a safe, enjoyable and confidence building environment where they can learn not only new playing skills but also life skills that will stick with them forever.  Sport gifts players with team-mates, a sense of belonging and a feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself.  I only hope that your children and you can find this from ACE Netball Club like me and so many others already do.

Thank you to all for the ongoing support – we have an amazing Exec team that are always working hard behind the scenes to ensure everyone in our ACE Family have a wonderful netball season and we are always 'here if you need'.


Yours in Netball


Senior Rep Carnival- Twilight
(15, 16, 18yrs only)
ACE Family Club Carnival 2024
RNA Senior Representative Carnival:
17 March 2024 (Representative and Development players aged 15-18 years)
PRNA - Working Bee
Umpire Convenor Meeting
- Introduction Umpiring Course
- Individual Umpire Plans
- Mentoring
- Allocating
- Club coaches' responsibilities
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