Umpires' Space

Umpires for Summer Season

If you require an umpire for Summer Season, you are responsible for organising and paying the umpire.  ACE will be happy to assist in provision of a list of available umpires.  Please find below a list of game fees appropriate:

Developing Umpire: $15

Pre Badged Umpire: $20

Badged Umpire: $25

Beginner Umpire Courses PRNA - 2022

Fee:                                                  $110 per person (includes GST)

Full Pack includes:                            white top, skort, rule book and whistle


Sign on:                                                Online through MyNetball

Registration opens:                         TBC

Registration closes:                         TBC


Program dates Course:                 TBC

Practical with club mentoring:    for all rounds

Umpires for Carnivals

If you require an umpire for a carnival, you are responsible for paying the umpire.  Ace have the following fees in place.

Developing Umpire       $60.00
Pre Badged Umpire       $80.00
Badged Umpire           $100.00

Should you need an umpire for a carnival you have entered, Please contact the Ace Umpire Convenor on the following: