Albany Creek Excelsior (ACE) Netball Club

ACE Coaches - Think Tank - Session two

CHANGE OF DATE - to SUNDAY 8 October 2017 - cancelled 4.10.17 due to PRNA Rep Development Programme

All ACE coaches welcome!  Come and share your ideas for our club!

(previous date: Sunday, September 10th 2017 commencing at 4.00pm in our clubhouse at Brendale)

"It is widely recognised that clubs and associations that have an inclusive coaching culture are more successful in developing the ideal player who has skills, work ethic and enthusiasm."

ACE Coaches - Think Tank Night

As coaches, we often don’t get time to share ideas and brainstorm problems. Please come to our Think Tank Night! Wine, beer, soft drink and nibbles provided, as we nut
out a few issues raised by ourselves! It also helps to put names to faces.

Let’s discuss coaching issues like double defending, to strategise or not to strategise etc.

Please email if there is anything specific you would like addressed and we can start a list. You only need to bring yourself.

Date: Sunday, June 18 2017 commencing at 4.00pm in our clubhouse at Brendale

ROUND 7 INFO (20th MAY):

Games played at 8am, 9.30am,11am and 12.30pm tomorrow 20th May will play full games for Round 7.

All games played at 2pm will follow the wet weather policy and play two half games – round 7 followed by round 6.

The 3.30pm games will be adjusted as below:

Inter 2 and Div 7 games
will be delayed a week - round 9 on the 3rd June which is the no points round will not be played.
Round 6 will be played on 20th May, round 7 on 27th May, round 8 on 3rd June, round 10 on 10th June.

Inter 4
Round 7 will not be played this weekend as it is a no points round. A full game corresponding to round 6 will be played.

Inter 3 and Div 4
will follow the wet weather policy and play two half games – round 7 followed by round 6.


Table below shows all PRNA teams and their Playing Division/Grade following re-grading by PRNA.
PRNA  Regrading 2017


Please see table below re playing times for Saturdays from this weekend (Round 6) onwards.

The draw is still being finalised and we believe will be on the PRNA website by Thursday night. Please ensure you check for a change of playing time.

Inters 2 have been moved back to Saturdays and will no longer play on Monday nights.

Junior 4B will continue to play across 2 time slots 8am or 9:30am.

Coaches & Managers, you should also have received an email update in the last few days from us re re-grading of all teams across the association. A couple of teams have been moved up or down so please ensure you are aware of your new grading from Round 6 on. If you haven't received the email please let us know.

PRNA  Playing  Times 2017  Rnd 6on

ACE Netball - PRNA Playing Times & Team Gradings

Hi everyone,
Please find playing times for the first 5 rounds of PRNA 2017 season below. Please note that these times are currently only confirmed for the FIRST 5 ROUNDS of the season. After Round 5, there may be changes to these playing times.
In the last few weeks, PRNA have had some damage to courts 16-20 by an external contractor completing the carpark. The damage has made these 5 courts unusable and has placed the Association in a position where they do not have enough courts to run the rounds as per previous years. A lot of discussion has gone into possible solutions to accommodate all players. 

With these 5 courts unable to be used, the following changes have been made:
  1. Under 10’s – different playing times for different divisions.
  2. Junior 4 (U11’s) – different playing times for different grades in this division.
  3. Junior 3 (U12’s) – different playing times for different grades in this division.
  4. Junior 2 (U13’s) – different playing times for different grades in this division.
  5. Junior 1 (U14’s) – different playing times for different grades in this division.
  6. Inters 2 – Playing on a Monday night until the courts are fixed.
Repairs to these courts are to start shortly and should be finished by 14th of May. After this time, PRNA have advised that Inters 2 will move back to playing on Saturdays and there may be some change to playing times for all divisions.
The PRNA Grading Committee met last weekend to finalise all team gradings submitted by each club. We are pleased that most of the ACE teams have been placed in line with our gradings. A couple of changes have been made for reasons which will be explained below:
  1. Junior 1:
    • Only 2 teams were nominated in Junior 1A from all clubs in the Association (1x ACE Devils, 1x Blues Flinders). The PRNA Grading Committee have placed these 2 teams into the Inters 3 as they felt the 2x Jnr 1A teams would be competitive with the Inters 3 nominated teams.
    • With the 2x Junior 1A teams being placed into Inters 3, the remaining teams have been placed into 2 divisions – A and B. There will be no C grade in this division.
  2. Inters:
    • Inters 1: Due to numbers of nominated teams, Inters 1 has been combined with Open Div 3 and will play on Monday night. The division will be split for finals.
    • Inters 3: As explained above, includes Junior 4A nominated teams.
  3. Open Divisions:
    • Divs 1 and 2: Due to the number of nominated teams, Div 1 and 2 have been combined. The division will be split into Div 1 and Div 2 at the end of the season for finals.
    • Div 3: As explained above, this division include Inters 1 nominated teams. The division will be split into Div 3 and Inters 1 at the end of the season for finals.
    • Div 7: This division is a “Mature Ladies” division.

2017  Playing  Times -  First 5 rounds.

The draw for Monday night teams (1st 5 rounds only) has been placed on the PRNA website:

The draw for Saturdays (1st 5 rounds) will be released shortly, please keep an eye on PRNA website.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

Kind Regards,
ACE Netball Committee 2017

ACE 2017 Pre-Season News #4 - Teams Released!

Please click here to read ACE Pre-Season Newsletter #4 which contains LOTS of information as well as the release of all teams. Thank you to everyone for your patience while our Grading Committee completed this HUGE task!
This newsletter contains:
  • Date Claimers for 2017
  • Grading Thank You!
  • 2017 ACE Teams

- Modified 8's, 9's and 10's

- Junior 4/Under 11's

- Junior 3/Under 12's

- Junior 2/Under 13's

- Junior 1/Under 14's

- Inters

- Opens

  • Coaches and Managers Needed!
  • ACE Refund Policy
  • Net-Set-Go (5-7yo Netball Program)
  • NEW!! Mixed Netball Competition - come on dads, big brothers, uncles, grandads, you know you want to!!
  • Umpiring Information
  • ACE Family Fun Day Carnival
  • Communication - Email, Facebook and Website
  • Uniform Requirements
  • ACE Committee Contacts 2017

Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact ACE Committee

Kind Regards
ACE Committee 2017

ACE 2017 Pre-Season News #3

Please click here to read ACE Pre-Season Newsletter #3 which contains information about the upcoming season and our grading sessions for this weekend and early next week.

Online registrations have now closed. If you have missed this cut off, please email
At this stage, we are unable to guarantee a place for the upcoming season however are collating a waitlist and if enough people in a given age group wish to register, we will be able to open up registrations again. 

PRNA are also introducing a MIXED netball competition for Monday nights in 2017. Let us know if you are interested. We'd love to be able to field our first Mixed Netball Team! :)

Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the ACE Committee:

Kind Regards
ACE Committee 2017

ACE 2017 Pre-Season Newsletter #2

Please click here to access ACE Pre-Season Newsletter #2 which contains information about the upcoming season. 

A reminder that online registrations close on Sunday 22nd January. If you have missed this cut off, please email

U8 & U9 players, please be aware of an error with the date from the previous newsletter:

  • Tues 7th Feb – U8s & U9s (born 2008/9) Meet & Greet 4pm-5/5:30pm (arrive 3:30pm) – Please note, error on previous email. This session is NOT a skills session and is on TUES 7th NOT Wed 8th as previously advertised. Apologies for an inconvenience caused by this error. 

Any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact the ACE Committee:

Kind Regards
ACE Committee 2017

ACE 2017 Pre-Season Newsletter

ImportantWelcome to 2017! Please click HERE to read ACE 2017 Pre-Season Newsletter which contains the following important information:  

  •     ACE 2017 Committee Contacts
  •     Date Claimers
  •     Registration Information
  •     Grading Information
  •     ACE Refund Policy
  •     Uniform Requirements
  •     Coaching 2017

ACE Grading Selectors

ACE Grading Sub Committee would like to invite Coaches, Managers and Interested parties to get involved in the grading process for the 2017 netball season.

If you would like to apply to be a grading selector, can you please submit an expression of interest via email to

Please advise your level of coaching experience and or playing ability. And any coaching courses or seminars that you have attended.

Junior Skills Session

Junior Skills session starts this Monday 9th January for 10 & 11 year olds

Tuesday 10th January for 12-14 year olds

Please email to register for these sessions.

Please bring along a water bottle and ball if you have one.

Junior Skills Session

ACE netball club are running the following Junior Skills Sessions prior to grading

21 January – Sign On Day – 8.30am – 10.00 – Skills for the 8 – 9 year olds including correct ball handling, passing technique, footwork and movement. 

10 and 11 year olds – Pre-Grading Sessions - Monday x 3 weeks starting 9 January between 5 and 6pm. 

 12 and 13 year olds – Pre- Grading Sessions - Tuesday x 3 weeks starting 10 January between 5 and 6pm. 

It is highly recommended that coaches come along to these sessions. 

Please bring along a water bottle and a ball if you have one.

These sessions are NOT compulsory.  

If you would like to attend,or require more information, please email or Call Trina Treloar on 0417 791 191


Changes to Registration / Payment for the 2017 Netball Season:

There have been quite a few changes for the 2017 season including how families will need to register and pay for ACE Netball Registration for the upcoming season.
Pine Rivers Netball Association (PRNA) now require all players to individually register through the My Netball website for the 2017 season using their unique Netball Qld ID (Record #).
** IMPORTANT: ACE Netball Club will no longer use the ACE website to register players and accept payments however uniforms will continue to be available from our online shop **

What does this mean?
We are working with Netball Qld to customise an ACE Netball Club Page on the My Netball website that will allow members to register and pay for the 2017 season. You will need to go through the registration process for each person you need to register.

When can I register?
The ACE Netball page on My Netball is now open for registrations for the 2017 Netball Season

To register a player born 2006 or earlier select this link

To register a player born between 2007 and 2012 select this link

 You will be taken to a MyNetball login page where you will need to login with your MyNeball ID or Email address.  If you are having trouble logging in please email

All members will receive communication advising registrations are open and provided with a link to the ACE Netball Club page on My Netball by Email, on the home page of the ACE website and via the ACE Facebook page.
Registration Costs
The cost for 2017 Netball Season is $310 per player.

This covers PRNA and Netball Qld Fees as well as ACE Netball Club Costs. Both PRNA and NQ have had an increase in their fees for the 2017 season. The ACE Committee has decided to absorb 1/2 the cost of the increase. The ACE portion of the fees have remained the same as the 2016.
Please note uniform costs are not included in registration costs. The ACE Netball dress can be purchased online through the Uniform Shop or in person from the clubhouse at various times (will be advertised). Other optional accessories include ACE bike pants, socks, visor and jackets etc. Plain black or ACE bike pants are the only uniform items permitted (ie no school, representative or other bike pants may be worn and teams may incur points penalties by the umpires)


Match Reports

No Match Reports have been posted in the past week. There are older Match Reports available for Winter Season 2017.

Match ReportsUpcoming
PRNA Rep Trials - U13s (Development Phase 2)
PRMA Rep Trials - U14s (Development Phase 2)
PRNA Development Phase 3
PRNA Development Phase 3
PRNA Rep Trials (Development Phase 4) - U12s
Entire Calendar...
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