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Pine Rivers Netball Association have called for nominations for PRNA Representative Selectors and Coaches for the 2017 Rep season. Nomination forms can be downloaded here:|36087x

Development and Rep Selection:
Player Registrations Monday 12 September 2016 between 6pm and 7.30pm
Phase 1:- 4th, 11th & 18th October – Development – all ages including 16 years
Selection Phase 2:– 22nd October (12 years 8.30am; 13 years 12midday)
Selection Phase 2:– 23rd October (14 years 8.30am; 15/16 years 12midday)
Advanced Development Phase 3:– 25th October & 26th October – all ages including 16 years
Final Selection Phase 4:– 29th October - 12 years 8.30am; 13 years 12midday; and
Final Selection Phase 4:– 30th October - 14 years 8.30am; 15/16 years 12midday.
Bonding Day:- 5th November 2016.

Selectors Nominations:
Open on 1 July and close on 8 July

Coaching Nominations:
Open on 1 September and close on 8 September

Don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information about these roles or alternatively contact PRNA Coaching Convenor Joanne Aitken -


The Cougar Cubs program is a development program aimed at 13 to 16year olds. Questions and nominations directly to Brisbane North Regional Netball


Invoices will be sent out once nominations have been received.  All accounts will need to be cleared prior to the first session Dated 17th July 2016.

The Brisbane North region has undertaken a three tiered development structure within the Cubs system since 2012. Athletes have been placed within the system based on age and skill level at the time of selection. This initiative enables the maximum development of athletes within Brisbane North, by providing a specifically tailored program targeting the appropriate skills to progress to the next level. 

For a cost of $160.00 all athletes will have access to five training sessions, education in conditioning, nutrition and recovery. Athletes will also be offered an opportunity to attend a match play carnival or a combined Academy development weekend. Information on these opportunities will be available at a later date.


  • Session 1: 17th of July,
  • Session 2: 7th of August,
  • Session 3: 14th of August,
  • Session 4: 21st of August,
  • Session 5: Final Date to be Confirmed

8am - 10am on above dates
Boondall Netball Centre

Evening with Roselee Jencke

The other day three of our coaches were lucky enough to attend a meeting hosted by the Firebirds' coach Roselee Jencke. Trina has kindly taken notes and below is a summary of what was discussed.

Thank you Trina and I hope you all enjoy the read.


Tonight was targeted at grass root coaching for 12-18 year old girls and she covered a variety of topics.  She illustrated in detail the distinct difference between coaches that are/were directive (old style) and the new more engaging coach. With this approach, she believes the athlete has ownership and creates “thinking players”.


She suggested that as club and rep coaches, we need to set team goals with phase 1 (pre-season), 2 (up to half way) and 3 (leading into finals).  She suggests the team collaborate on 3 performance goals and 3 off court goals.


She also suggested we could go as far as setting individual goals for the girls, including taking into account their other commitments to balance the training and game.  “Put it on paper and refer back during phase 1, 2 and 3” were her words.  The girls need to be involved by asking them for feedback, having fun and most especially developing friendships (connections).  These connections will carry through several years of playing successfully.  Athletes honestly assessing themselves develops a culture of honesty and feedback both with themselves and their coach.


Jencke advocates rotating the captain role, however not just at the game, at training as well.  You can prepare your captain for the game by involving her the training session.  She suggested asking the captain of the week about her expectations at/of the training session and same at the game.  This is the time to teach the captain of the week some positive reinforcement for her team mates.  Topics might include intensity or balls skills etc.


The firebirds have a culture of “being united”.  When recruiting, Jencke says her main criteria is not skills but coachability and attitude and I have so say I 100% agree with this.  The coaching job is half done when you don’t have to deal with these issues.


One of my favourite discussions was about “understanding your players”.  The Firebirds over the years have had their players profiled into the four categories below. They can be all or part of any combination within this range.  She gives the example of McMeniman as D as she is very businesslike and wants to get on with the job (that’s me as a coach).  Geitz is I as she needs/wants to chat and connect with everyone and Aitken as C and incredibly willing to just get along.  Interesting!  Jencke says the best combination is a couple/few of each and if you have a full team of one or the other it can be quite tricky. She does take this into account when recruiting.  She did mention that she hasn’t gone down the professional profiling track this year as this is her sixth year coaching and she has “grown” as a coach and is more confident in her assessment of her players.  For what it is worth, she asked us to rate our own PRNA Mahalia Cassidy and we all gave her an S with some I which she absolutely agreed with.


D – Dominant

C – Compliant

S – Steady

I - Interpersonal


She had some other common sense tips for us that we all need to reminded of from time to time.  Good coaches LISTEN a lot!  Teenagers can be a moody lot – don’t jump to conclusions!  It could be anything creating the mood!  Ask your players what they did well during the game or training giving them the opportunity to reflect in a positive way.


Other topics she discussed:


Jencke’s Firebird Manta:    SKILL IS KING


Jencke regards work on the fundamentals constantly as incredibly important.  She often sends her Firebirds back to footwork etc for refresher as they can and do lose their timing.  She said for this age group don’t waste time on endless fitness, strength and conditioning.  It will come with game and teenagers’ other activities.


To win games, you must disrupt the connections of the opposition.  In the same vein, you must develop connections in your own!


Don’t forget to work on transition play from Centre passes and turnovers.


Shooters need to practice with defence, not just without.


Coaches should have players constantly work on developing contesting skills, defending in front (must be at correct angle for maximum benefits) and preliminary move.


Keep growing and educating yourself as a coach.



Kind regards




Hi Modified Coaches,

Please see message below from PRNA regarding rotation of players. As you will see from below, PRNA will be closely monitoring Modified teams to ensure that players get rotated and penalties may apply if not adhered to.

It is extremely important that players in Modified netball get a chance to experience and learn to play all positions. I know players will be drawn to one position or their physical characteristics may suggest they will be best suited to certain positions but we need to ensure we are developing the foundations of their game.

One of the reasons for ensuring young players get the opportunity to learn to play all positions concerns how children will develop at different rates. eg some children will have growth spurts early and be taller than peers making them an ideal defence player or ideal shooter. If we place them in these positions only and not provide an opportunity to learn centre court, what happens a few years down the track when their peers grow taller and the child decides they'd like to try midcourt but doesn't have the skills or knowledge of these positions? Often these children feel 'forced' to play a position they no longer enjoy or they leave the game completely!

Please read the below message from PRNA carefully and ensure that you are rotating players each week as per instructions. I have also emailed each modified coach and manager a spreadsheet that PRNA have forwarded to assist with planning your matches and player positions. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you need to discuss this or need any assistance.

Kind Regards


Trish Latter
ACE Netball Club
Ph: 0421083916

Good morning Presidents,

Prior to all modified matches on our first round of fixtures, our Coaching Officer, Jo Aitken, explained the modified rules to all modified coaches. Unfortunately, while a majority of coaches followed the requirements, other coaches did not. I would request you personally talk to all of your modified coaches and ensure the following occurs in future:


Sample 1 – GK; GD; WD; OFF

Sample 2 - GK; GD; WD; C

Sample 3 – GK; GD; WD; GK (this is not encouraged to be used and should only be implemented when illness and injury impacts on a team with only 7 players)

Should the Executive receive another complaint regarding the non-compliance of this rule, the Executive will consider appropriate action, which may include but not limited to – withdrawing the team from the competition.

The PRNA Executive would like to emphasise, in line with the direction of Netball Queensland and Australia – this competition is to ensure sound foundations are taught to the players in a non-competitive environment. It is the Association and Clubs’ role to ensure players are exposed to all positions on court and not just one particular position, allowing them to experience the full potential of netball.

We look forward to a more inclusive round 2.

Rachelle Swan

Equipment Shed Cleaning Roster

Below is a roster for tidying up the equipment shed. This can be carried out prior to your training session or when it is finished and carried out by the girls or a couple of parents.

If you find something broken can you please report it to the canteen.

Thank you for your assistance it is greatly appreciated.Eq Shed Roster

Club Carnivals 2016

Below is a list of all of the carnival dates currently lodged with Netball QLD. ACE will collect nominations for the PRNA Carnivals only. Any teams wishing to play in other carnivals must nominate and pay the host association directly. Nomination forms available via the links on the Netball Qld website:
Club Carnivals 2017


Match Reports

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